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Learn How To Play Drums And Be A Good Drummer

How To Play Drums




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Being able to play the drum is one of the most popular skills people sought after if they want to pick up a musical instrument to learn. This is because drumming is all about rhythm and the big actions of drum solos gives the drummer an adrenaline rush that thrill is usually called a drummer’s high and that is one of the many reasons why people want to learn how to play drums.

You are obviously aware that there are many different drums that make up a complete drum set. So here is a list of drums that you will usually find in a standard drum set.

The Bass Drum – The bass drum is sometimes called the kick-drum and it is the big one on the floor. As its name suggests, this drum produces a very low pitched bass booming sound when struck by the mallet which is a foot-pedal controlled by the drummer's right leg.

Many drummers nowadays may even use foot pedal with two mallets controlled by both feet. This is often referred to as "double-bass".

The Snare Drum – The snare drum is located to the left of the drummer and is usually played by the drummer's non-dominant hand stick. Typically it is known for its crisp "click" sound followed by a "resonating shuffle" sound effect when struck directly on the drum skin.

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Cymbals – Typically, there are many different kinds of cymbals of varying shapes sizes and sound in a drum set.  A cymbal is a round metal object that resonates brilliantly when struck. Commonly used types of cymbals are the high-hat, the ride, the splash, and the crash.

The high-hat is a pair of cymbals mounted on a foot pedal. The foot pedal is usually played by the left foot and controls the cymbals bringing them together when pressed and apart when depressed.

You can strike the cymbal when it is apart or closed, and you can shut the cymbals with your feet at different rates of speed with each action creating a different sound and effect.

The ride creates a more subtle sound than the other cymbals because it is used to play  repetitively throughout most songs (riding the song) and hence its name.

The splash is a cymbal that creates a metallic "splashing" sound, somewhat akin to the sound a water splash and the reverberation dies rather quickly after peaking.

The crash is somewhat similar to the splash, but usually generates a loud and long, sustained reverberation.

Tom-Toms - The most common three Toms Toms are the Floor Tom, the Mid-Toms and the High-Tom.

Once you understand the characteristics and the sounds produced by the different percussions in a drum set, then it is time for you to proceed to learning how to play drums and enjoy yourself as the keeper of time with your band!

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