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Learn How To Sing Better

So you want to be a good singer?

Most people mistakenly think that to sing better is just about taking singing lessons to get a good voice. The fact is that acquiring a good singing voice is just one of the many factors involved in being recognized as a good and competent singer.

We will explore a few of the many attributes a good singer must possess in this article. Of course training to have a good singing voice is important. However, no matter how good your voice is, if you do not know how to deliver your song with good diction and emotion, your song will not sound good. 

Singing Diction

One of the first things a singer must understand about singing diction is to learn how to sing diphthongs and triphthongs correctly.

A diphthong is a word combination of two vowels. When singing a diphthong, a singer should sustain the first vowel. Usually, the first vowel is being sustained 80 to 90 percent of the time although there are some exceptions.

For example, when an "I" (ah-ee) is being sung rapidly, the diphthong sustain could be divided equally amongst the 2 vowels. Here below are some examples of diphthongs:- 

AH OO  - How, Now; Found, Town, Pound, Round AH EE - Nine, Mine, Night; While, Might, Fight, My, Eyes, Why; I, Lies, Like, Smile, Light 

OH OO – Home, Grow, No; Road, Oh, Stroll, Don't 

EH EE – Day, May, Play, Bay, Way, Play 

OH EE  - Ploy, Boy, Coy, foil  

When singing a triphthong, the second vowel is sustained. The first vowel or glide is just a mouth shape and not actually the vowel sound. Here are some examples:- 

Wild - OO AH EEL 

Wise -  OO AH EE 

Wow  - OO AH OO 

Yeah -  EE EH EE One must practice with vowel modification vocal exercises to master the singing of diphthongs and triphthongs so that your singing diction can be pleasing to the ear.  

The next step to sing better is to put emotion into your lyrics. Good singing is not just simply remembering the lyrics and belting it out as if you are reading the lyrics with a tune.

The singer is telling a story and just like a good story teller, the singer must be able to deliver to the audience and essence or emotions of the song such as suspense, joy, sadness, delights, mystery, relief etc

Therefore the singer must workout the phrasing of the song, practice it to perfection before performing on stage. By working the phrasing, the singer must first determine for example where to pause, where to join sentences, where to sing out loud or soft, where to sustain a little longer etc 

Once that is done, then the singer may then practice singing out the song with the predetermined phrasing and make adjustments wherever is necessary. One way to know if the song can be well delivered and be well received is your own emotion. If you can't feel for the song, your audience probably won't.

The above are just some of the many factors to learn if you want to sing better. There are many more and one way to be a good and better singer is to practice with regular vocal exercises with a good singing teacher.


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