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How To Have Confidence Singing On Stage

How To Sing Confidently And Conquer Stage Fright

Sing confidently on stage imageDo you have confidence when singing on stage or do you hide behind the microphone to suppress your stage fright? If you are,  then read the article below by well renown singing teacher Morgan Cryar of Singing Success on how to sing confidently and banish stage fright :-  

"Over so many years, I have heard so many singers sung live on stage and o ne of the most striking differences between the singers is something that you can detect right from the very first note they sing. 

Between the professional singers I have seen and the contest competing singers whom I have toured with and with the privilege of evaluating their singing abilities, I have probably seen and heard more than 5000 singers. That is one heck of alot of singers, don't you think so?

I listen for some things all singers must have: like having the right pitch, good talent, a good tonal quality, stage performance and so on. However oddly enough, one of the things that turn out to be a most important item is something that should be missing. 

All singers should strive to go for what I call the "The Timidity Loss" syndrome. There is an "attack" that some singers seem to bring to the microphone that means they have been able to banish the temptation to "hiding themselves" emotionally. 

If you have been watching the early season episodes of American Idol or The X-Factor, you will all probably be nodding your heads right now in agreement. You must have seen those poor souls who look like they have been caught doing something embarrasingly wrong when they sing. 

Those of you who have actually been on stage singing will recognize that this battle comes from within yourself. It may take many singing lessons or it may just take some well-chosen words from a wiser and seasoned singer to get you to lose your timidity and gain confidence in your performance.

But either way, you must suffer "Timidity Loss" if you are going to grow as a good professional performing singer. Everybody with no exception who wants to sing on stage has got to deal with this issue. 

You see, it is not just about "having stage fright." It is about the gung ho can do attitude that gets you outside of yourself. You could be sitting on a goldmine of talent and is still too timid to bring it fully out to show the world. That will be such a crying shame, isn't it?

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I know have said this time and again, but one of the most important factors in losing your timidity and gaining confidence is knowing in your belly that you are committing an unselfish act when you are singing. 

Making the "thousand mile jump" from singing for something you desire very much such as good money, applause or affection to giving something to your listeners that they value is the essense of losing your timidity and gaining your stage confidence. 

Larry Britt, who is a fine and well established singer in his own right was telling us about hearing people say, "I wish I could sing." He said it would be really tragic if at your funeral, instead of the pastor instead of saying, "Dear old Joe sure loved to sing," he could only say, "Dear old Joe always wished he could sing." So guys, don't wait. Get out of your shell and go ahead and just sing away!

Even if you don't have our Singing Success Program, sing what you can! Bless others with the voice you have and get outside of yourself so that in time, you can be a confident singer with a commanding stage presence.

Needless to say, some of your fears and timidity come from just plain old inexperience and lack of technical ability. Then sing more often to get the experience and practice more often with a good vocal coach to learn the technical abilities. If you still the detemined desire to sing beautifully, you will probably develop a very strong desire to improve your singing.

The most effective technique for letting go of your fear on stage and to sing confidently is to watch your performance on video.  OUCH! that hurts, doesn't it?

It will require video footage of your performance. If you don't have one, then you can just go into the bathroom and point the camera at the mirror and perform your song to the mirror reflection of yourself. Then make yourself watch the performance.

You can rest be assured that you will see the most painful and even funny things like nervous twitches, unexpected facial expressions you didn't mean to make and so on and so forth. Now, if you are determined to push through the pain and keep making adjustments, you will soon lose all your fears and and inhibitions and perform confidently on stage.

From my very own experience, I know that out of the thousands of you who are reading this article, at most, about 10 or 15 of you will have the courage to do this exercise. Therefore it will not be surprising those 15 to actually see big  improvements in their ability to connect unselfishly with their audiences.

Are you one of them who will be able to sing beautifully with confidence and banish stage fright forever?"



This Sing with confidence article was published on 26 May 2008

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