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To be able to play a musical instrument well is a very satisfying lifelong experience. The experience is even more satisfactory if you are able to play in a good band or to back a singer as a musician whether professionally or just for the fun of it and one of the best instruments you can master is learning how to play the piano well.

Now, you are probably wondering why choose to learn how to play the piano and not any other instruments. My reply is very simple. This is because I am biased and because I can play the piano better than any other musical instruments.

So if you are thinking of learning how to play the piano, here are some reasons to hasten your decisions.


Reasons for learning to play piano

Like I said earlier, being proficient in playing a musical instrument is a very satisfying experience and that is why everyone should learn how to play at least one instrument and make beautiful music.

Being a proficient pianist makes you feel and look sophisticated and elegant. Somehow, a pianist just exudes some kind of elegant charm more than other musicians. Or am I being biased again?


Piano playing keeps your brain active and your brain is doing mental exercises on all your ten fingers when you consistently throw it the musical language to interpret. There are numerous research which show that pianists are more mathematically inclined too.

Also, learning how to play the piano can kill boredom. If you do not have anything to do, go do some ivory tickling and serenade to yourself. You can experiment playing the songs in different styles and different interpretations or simply learn a new song.

Perhaps you can also think about a family gathering or entertaining your friends when they drop by for a visit with all of you having fun and developing stronger bonding with you directing sing along sessions. Wouldn't that be fun?

Furthermore, many people will actually respect you more and even thinking that you are a genius. Many people actually admire someone who can play the piano well and I have often overheard people saying that I play the piano like a maestro and this could be you.

A good pianist never quit learning. Since there is absolutely no way to memorize every song and if you can play by ear, you are learning new tunes everytime from the TV, radio or from whatever medium without you even being aware of it until someone asks you whether you can play a certain song and although you have never learnt that song before, the tune just pops into your head with your fingers running beautifully over the keys.

I supposed deep down in most people, they wished that they are able to be a good pianist.  If not, why are you reading this article? Have you ever read other people's New Year's Resolutions? No? Perhaps you may not be as busybody as me. Would you believe me if I tell you that one of the most common resolution is "Learn to play the piano."

Learning to play the piano proficiently is also a fantastic ego booster. There is no better feeling and satisfaction like playing a difficult song effortlessly and flawlessly. Its like being in heaven already. If you are thinking of picking up a musical instrument, why not choose to learn how to play the piano?


Best wishes to your piano playing success.

Chris Chew


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