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Learn How To Play Lead Guitar Like A Superstar Guitarist
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Rock Superstar Guitarist Jimi Hendrix

Why Learn How To Play The Lead Guitar?




Aspiring guitarists usually start to learn the instrument by playing the rhythm and then when they mastered the guitar chords and the strumming techniques, the guitarists will usually want to learn how to play the lead guitar.

Why do most guitarists want to learn how to play the lead guitar? The answer is actually very simple. Just take a look at all the famous rock and superstar pop bands. It is the lead guitarists that captures the imagination of the audiences in concerts.

How many famous lead guitarists come to your mind as compared other members of the band besides perhaps the lead singer? 


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The lead guitarist is perhaps the most glamorous musician in a band. Many of them even get elevated to superstar status as opposed to other members of their band. They are characterized by their mastery of the guitar fretboard. Lead guitarists contribute solo runs to songs and often use the structure provided by the rhythm guitarists as a basis for their impressive solo improvisations.  

Although lead guitarists work are often more flamboyant and glamorous, they normally cannot work alone and need the structure created by the other members of their band. 

Since most lead guitarists started learning the guitar by playing chords and rhythm, they therefore are able to play the rhythm guitar as well.

 The guitar is an extremely versatile instrument as the guitarist can play chords, melodies, and solos on it  just like the piano. By using techniques such as bending, the guitar can be made to express impressive vocal quality. Is it any wonder why most aspiring guitarists want to be lead guitarists in their own right?

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