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How To Improve Your Singing Abilities

5 Tips To Improve On Your Singing

Have you ever caught yourself humming a tune or bursting spontaneously into a song while taking a shower? You see, I believe that most if not all people have an innate love for music and the easiest way to express that is through singing because not all of us have the chance to master a musical instrument.

Now since you have the ability to sing, why not pick up some skills to improve your singing ability and enjoy your own singing or even sing to an appreciative audience. Believe me, it is an exhilarating experience to have an audience loving your singing.

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So here are 5 ways in which you can improve your singing abilities.

The Singing Breath – When singing, air must flow freely. Many singers actually gulp in lots of air and try to hold their breath so that they can have more air to hold certain notes longer. This is a mistake.


If you hold your breath, your breathing mechanism is under tension and thus your singing voice will become tensed. You will not achieve a natural sound that way. You will find it harder to hit the higher notes as well because hitting high notes requires you to be relaxed so that your voice can improve and soar.


To undo the tension in your breathing mechanism, you must do what vocal teachers called “breathing with the diaphragm”. Read this article to understand what diaphragmatic breathing is all about.


Practice In Front Of A Mirror – Watch yourself sing in the mirror. Do you have any weird or funny mannerisms when you are singing such as constant blinking of your eyes or exaggerated facial features? What about your posture? Unknown to many people, the right posture will make you sound better because of improvements in airflow and diminished muscle tension.


Stop Habits That Destroy Your Voice – Do you know that habits such as heavy alcohol consumption, smoking, shouting, screaming and even talking loudly can damage your voice? Unless you are a rock singer and want to have that raspy voice, then don’t do things which can cause injuries to your vocal cords.


Your sound producing mechanism is a delicate instrument and needs to be taken care of if you want to become a better singer.


Sing With Emotion – Singing is like telling a story. So like a story teller, you must get in touch with your emotion as well as reaching out to your audience’s emotion. So there will be exciting part of the story which you must sing it with excitement and there are sad parts of the story which you must make your audience heart melt and empathize with the characters of the story.


Therefore when practicing the song, you must understand the story by first reading and understanding the lyrics, then read it out loud as if you are telling the story and adding colors and emotions to it before singing the song the same way and then go on and improve on singing it.


Practice With Vocal Exercises – Although you may be a talented singer, but there are much more technicalities about singing than you may know of. Most, if not all world class singers take vocal lessons even though they are already at the top of their trade. Doesn’t this fact mean something to you?


Every vocal exercise will train and improve the different aspects of your singing ability such as giving you a wider vocal range, more flexibility in your voice to hitting the notes accurately amongst many other aspect of good singing. So if you want to improve on your singing to be a better singer, you must consistently practice with the right vocal exercises to improve the different aspects of your singing abilities. Click To Become A Good Singer Now.



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