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Is Head Voice And Falsetto The Same?

Difference Between Singing In Falsetto And Head Voice



 Many people have mistaken that singing in falsetto means singing with the head voice and thus both these terms are often used interchangeably. However, if you listen carefully to the singing voice, you will bound to notice the difference between the two types of voices.

Singing In Falsetto

The word "falsetto" is derived from the the latin word which literally means "false voice" and is a very "airy" vocal production. It is the vocal register occupying the frequency range just above the modal voice register and overlapping with it by about just an octave.

Therefore when you sing higher notes and your tone changes from a firm and clear voice to being airy, that means that you have slipped into the falsetto register.

When you are singing in falsetto, your vocal folds are coming close enough to one another to cause the edges to vibrate as air flows between the folds, but they are not making contact with one another so that some air can escape. The airy sound that is being produced comes from the air that escapes through the space left between your vocal folds.


Singing In Head Voice

Singing with the head voice is different from falsetto is because the sound is produced differently. The head voice is being produced when you are singing the higher notes, the tone begins to resonate more in the small spaces of the head in the nasal and sinus cavities and that is why it is called the head voice.

When you are singing with the head voice, your vocal cords remain in contact with one another unlike when you are singing in falsetto. There is no separation of the vocal folds.

This makes the head voice sounding clear and clean without the excess airiness of the falsetto sound because there is no excess air escaping through the folds. That is why the head voice is a far more superior tonal quality than the falsetto.

A good singer will knows how to bring the chest voice to the head voice as the notes gets higher without any break. So if you want to be a good singer, practice with vocal exercises that conditions you to mix your chest voice with your head voice as you sing higher and higher.

You can see the vocal exercises at How To Be A Good Singer.







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