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Learn How To Sing In Tune

Why Do I Sing Out Of Tune?

Have people been telling you that you are always singing out of tune? Are you having problems hitting the right pitch or note when you sing? It is embarrassing, isn’t it?

Alas, as you do enjoy singing very much and even have dreams to be a singer, so is there anything you can do to change your musical or rather lack of, predicament?

Well, of course you can do something about it and can even become a good singer if you really want to and are willing to put in some effort to attain your dream of being a good singer. Hey, you think that I am kidding you?

Here is the fact, do you know that most, if not all professional singers had experienced problems singing in tune from time to time? Yes, even the biggest stars do have their bad hair days and missed the notes now and then.

So if the stars can miss the notes and sing out of tune at times, then is it any wonder that non professional singers have this problem too albeit to a much greater extent?

Singing out of tune can be due to many factors that can be corrected with the right training such as poor vocal techniques, stress, nervousness, anxiety, stage fright, distraction, poor posture and many other reasons. Even if people tell you that you are tone deaf, that too can be corrected.

When you sing within earshot of people or when you are performing, you often have to deal with a range of environments that can lead to difficulties in pitching or hitting the notes accurately.

For example, if you sing with accompaniment that is too loud and you can’t hear yourself well, you may well go out of pitch easily. It does not matter if you are singing with a karaoke set at home or accompanied by a band.

Even if you are just a bathroom singer, everyone without training will sing out of tune somewhere along a song because there is no musical reference to the tune as the tune is only in your head without any instrumental references.

Okay, back to hearing the notes in your head before singing them. To practice this technique play with a recorded track or a musical instrument and sing the entire song in your head without any vocalization. That means that no sound is being uttered by you.

 When you get to parts of the song that you normally have difficulty singing in tune, stop right there and go through that part of the song a few times by just thinking of the tune and imagining that you are hitting the right notes. Once you think that you have got it, try it live by singing it.

If you get it right, then move along. If you are still kinda pitchy, repeat the exercise until you are there. Even if you missed a note but are able to slide up to the correct note, then you are improving and so keep on practicing.

 Everyone can sing in tune if trained correctly. Just don’t give up and you can always sing in tune and never go out of pitch so often again!


How Can I Sing In Tune?

To be able to sing in tune, the most important aspect is to be able to hear the note in your head before you sing it. In other words, think the note and then sing it. Yes, this may give rise to another set of problem because when you need to think before you sing, your rendition may become mechanical and you may sing out of time.

However, that is for another article and this is the reason why I’ve often stressed that in order to be a good singer, you must be trained to overcome all these problems.






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