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How To Improvise On The Piano And Play By Ear

How To Improvise On The Piano



Practise improvising on the piano

Piano Improvisation

So you are a pianist and play the piano rather well, but if you can't play by ear and improvise on the piano, you are missing out the biggest joy of being a piano player. Therein lies the problem with most pianists.

You see, most pianist cannot improvise as much as they desire to and if there is no music sheet before them, they are as good as someone who has never learnt how to play the piano before and at best, they just rely on their memory to play a tune.

However, if you can improvise well on the piano, you will also be able to play any songs that you have heard. In other words, you can even play by ear in any key and any genre!

Think of it this way, playing the piano with the music score in front of you is simply playing out another person's work. It is akin to an artist copying another's painting and there is no originality in that.

The problem is that most pianists don’t have the skill to improvise on the keys! Why is this so? The answer may surprise you.

One of the main reasons why most pianists can't improvise or play by ear is that most piano players started learning how to play the piano in structured classical format.

We learnt how to play the works of great classical composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Lizt etc and during the lessons, if we play anything out of the music sheet of these composers, we get a slap on the wrist by our piano teachers. This is because we cannot adulterate the works of the classical geniuses and will fail our exams if we did so.

As such, we never strayed from relying on sight reading of music sheets and that cramped our musical style and creative ideas. Piano improvisations and playing by ear is all about creativity and if our creativity was stifled since we were young when we started taking piano lessons, we have to change our mindset and start practising improvisation skills without the music sheets.

Yes, learning how to read music can be very important at times but it is certainly very pleasant to develop a new skill as well, and that is learning how to improvise so that you can also play by ear. What many pianists have failed to realized is that improvising on the piano is a very enjoyable activity.

This will allow you to reveal your real talent and express the feelings that you have inside and with that, you are making a statement of your own originality and who you are! In fact, with this skill, you can even write your own songs and be your own original composer! Click here for Piano Improvisation Lessons.

It is vital to have the time to just sit in front of the piano to experiment and play your own style. Be creative, let it flow naturally, and let it unravel itself.

Venture out of your initial fear of experimentation because now, no one is going to chastise you for making any mistakes. In fact, it is through the pressing of the wrong chords and notes that you will learn what sounds right and what sounds not so correct.

We can't deny the fact that sight reading skills are important and are highlighted by most traditional piano lessons. However, it also has its downside which lead to many pianists playing the piano only by notes and rely on this skill all the time and as such, they can't play without the music scores.

So what if the music sheets are not available? What if you are asked to give an impromptu performance? What if you are asked to play songs for your friends to sing along at a party?

Just take a good look at those piano players who can play by ear and play with their own improvisation. Have you ever wondered why they can play any songs they want and play them with gusto. Isn't this a good enough reason to learn how to improvise on the piano? Learn How To Improvise On The Piano Here.


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