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Learn How To Sing Higher Notes




How To Sing In Higher Keys

Do you remember the time when you were singing on stage and hit that heady high note perfectly? How was the adrenaline rush? Remember how elated you were?

I'm sure your nervous system sets off rockets of pleasure and of course, you made mental notes of doing it again and doing it more often, didn't you? You realized that being able to sing higher notes accurately and effortlessly is a very emotionally addictive experience, isn't it?

Being able to sing higher notes well is certainly a very important skill for a singer to achieve. I am sure you have experienced in the past and even now that when you get to the end of your vocal range, you very often look longingly and sadly at that next note which you are unable to hit comfortably.

Well, I have good news for you. When you practice your singing with the right vocal exercises, not only are you able to hit the next higher note, but also a complete range of higher notes you never ever imagined that you are able to reach.

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Why Being Able To Sing High Notes Is Important To A Singer's Career

Do you know why your audience is there to watch you sing? Yes, they may be your fans. Yes, they may like your singing. However the most important reason for the audience to connect with the singer is that they want the singer to take them on an emotional journey and the journey has got to be interestingly heart warming.


Just imagine that you are a passenger in a car and when you look out of the passenger window, all you see are buildings, buildings and then more drab buildings, tell me how interesting is that? However, if the journey takes you winding round majestic mountain roads with stunning coastal sea views, you will be very emotionally charged and will keep on looking out of the window to take in the spectacular sights, won't you?

A singer with a narrow vocal range, unless the singer is exceptionally gifted is just like the first example. The audience is being bored with song after song of limited same few notes. The singer's repertoire is also confined to songs with a narrow range of notes. Tell me, how interesting can that be?

So in order to have a successful singing career, you must have a very wide vocal range so that you can take your audience in an emotional journey. A musical journey that is so charged with the joy of effortless singing that they will keep coming back for more.

Here are some tips on how to sing higher notes:-

  • Never attempt to sing a high note that you can't reach effortlessly. Nothing is more irritating to the audience than a strained voice. You are in fact advertising to your audience that you have a limited vocal range. Worse, you may even injure and damage your vocal cords.

  • On the flip side, do not sing too many songs with upper range notes only. This is just like singing songs of narrow vocal range and is not interesting and is especially irritating.

  • If you can use a firm "mixed voice" for a higher note, use it instead of using falsetto. A firm voice is a confident voice, a falsetto, although it has its uses does not come across as elegantly.

As I said before, learning how to sing higher notes is easy if you train your voice with the correct vocal exercises.


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