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How To Practice Singing With Good Vocal Exercises

How To Sing Freely And Effortlessly

Importance Of Good Vocal Exercises

You need to practice with good vocal exercises to sing freely and naturally. When your voice is well developed, it will soar freely and effortlessly. 

The mechanics of correct and effortless singing are actually relatively easy to learn. You just need to practice with the right vocal exercises to train the correct muscle coordination in your singing mechanism.  

Therefore, you need to ask yourself when you are practicing your vocal exercises whether the exercises you are doing really do improve your singing voice or are the exercises causing a strain to your voice.

If you are feeling vocal strain then you should take a rest or reduce the volume and the intensity of the practice or even dump the exercises altogether.

The objective of the vocal exercises is to make your voice to float freely and if the voice exercises are not doing that, then something is not so right. 

The strain on your vocal cords and voice occurs when your "outer larynx muscles" are engaged when you are singing. These muscles are primarily used for swallowing food.

Therefore when you engaged these muscles when you are singing, then you are using bad vocal singing technique. From this, it is plain common sense that you should not practice any singing exercises that causes vocal strain.  

It stands to be repeated that all good vocal exercises are meant to free up your voice, improve the quality of your singing and thus reduce the effort that you need to produce a note. So if you are practicing with a vocal exercise and you can feel your voice getting easier and easier to release, then you have found a good vocal exercise.  

When this happens, it is a sign that this vocal exercise is very effective at coordinating your vocal cords. Vocal cord coordination is a very important process of good singing. So practice with vocal exercises that conditions the "inner muscles of the larynx" to coordinate correctly.  

These muscles are located inside your voice box holds the key to good singing. They are actually very small muscles and need very specific exercises to teach them muscle coordination.  

Unfortunately many singers when practicing vocal exercises simply blast their vocal folds with too much air. So the muscles fail to learn how to coordinate correctly! This is where singing breath control comes in. 

You must train your inner larynx muscles properly so that they become stronger and more efficient. When these muscles perform correctly, they will be able to hold back more air and thus you can sing more powerfully.  

As such, you should train the "inner larynx muscles" to perform good muscle coordination and the "outer larynx muscles" to relax and not interfere with your singing process.  When you are able to achieve this, your singing voice will improve tremendously and you will automatically able to access your chest, mixed and head voices which in turn will enable you to sing in a wide vocal range naturally.  

So, practice with the correct singing techniques and vocal exercise and soon your voice will soar freely and naturally that is so pleasant to your audience.


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