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Learn How To Get And Develop Perfect Pitch Ear Training

Perfect Pitch Ear Training

Singing in perfect pitch

The perfect pitch, sometimes also referred to as the absolute pitch or the pure pitch can be defined as the ability to identify the frequency or musical note of a specific tone, or the ability to produce specific musical note or musical pitch without comparing the tone with any reference note or relative tone.

Having a perfect pitch is a skill all musicians and singers would love to develop except that there are only about 10% music students having this amazing skill. However, the numbers gets higher with better quality professional musicians.

For example,  a typical symphony orchestra will have 20-40% of its musicians with absolutely pure perfect pitch and it is estimated that about half of today's most popular recording artists and singers have this unique skill with the number rising up to 87% for top concert performers.  

From these amazing figures, you can infer that perfomers with perfect pitch are definitely more successful with their career as a musician or singer. Is it any wonder why all musicians and singers strive to attain the perfect pitch? The answer is plainly obvious isn't it?

In otherwords, if you have the ear for pure perfect pitch, your chances of being wildly successful as a singer or a musician is phenomenally escalated and could be your ticket to superstardom. This is why most career minded singers and musicians take perfect pitch ear training lessons to catapult their career to world class level. Awesome isn't it?

The best part of it is that contrary to popular belief that having a relative perfect pitch is a born talent, this skill can be learnt and aquired. That means that anyone who wants to can develop pure absolute perfect pitch through good training and practise. Learn How To Aquire Perfect Pitch Here.


Singing in perfect pitch 

Some of the more famous musicians, composers and singers with perfect pitch, just to name a few, are Frank Sinatra, Leonard Bernstein, Barbra Streisand, Julie Andrews, Stevie Wonder, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Jascha Heifetz, Paul Shaffer and Yanni. 

Many musicians and composers, such as Danielle LaRocco, cited the importance of perfect pitch as an excellent tool for arranging music. While most people will have to sit by the piano and play a key in order to arrange a piece of music, those with perfect pitch ears can simply arrange it directly on a piece of paper without reference to any musical instruments. That means that you can write and arrange music anytime anywhere!

So how can you acquire relative perfect pitch?

While some people have the innate ability to instantly recognize musical notes and tones, others develop perfect pitch ear training by creating a mental template of notes in their heads as they are exposed to music, usually at a very young age. Many more are trained with hearing by ear to acquire this amazing skill.

So if you want to take your musical talent to another level, then isn't it about time you learn how to get perfect pitch?


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