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Louis Van Amstel, world famous dancing instructor of Dancing With The Stars and So You Can Dance fame. Learn how to dance lessons with Louis.

So you are inspired by slick dance moves and want to learn how to dance like a professional dancer and aspire to become a dancing celebrity star. You know that being a good dancer not only pays well and offering you a shot at that celebrity status, there are many other benefits about dancing which many people do not even know.

Do you know that dancing can give you good poise and lends you an air of elegance? Dancing can even correct your bad posture and make you look taller, strengthens your cardiovascular health, tone your muscles, improve your flexibility and yes, even losing weight! If your lover is your dance partner, you can even strengthen your bonding and love.

There are many dance styles and slick moves you can choose to learn, however, the most elegant type of dancing is the ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing include the cha cha, the jive, rumba, foxtrot, samba, waltz, tango and salsa just to name a few.


Types Of Ballroom Dancing

There are many ballroom dancing moves and styles and this section will briefly describe some of the more popular ones. Ballroom dancing is considered a formal and elegant form of social dancing. The word "ball" is derived from the Latin word "ballare" which simply means dance. Ballroom dancing is done by a couple where usually the male dancer leads and the other follow the steps.

There are two main styles of ballroom dancing which are the international style and the American style. The Rumba, Mambo, Cha Cha, Waltz, Foxtrot and Salsa dances are some of the most popular types of ballroom dancing enjoyed worldwide.

Salsa is a dance for Salsa music created by the Spanish speaking people from the Caribbean. Salsa dancing is a fine elegant mixture of African and European dance influences through the music and dance fusions that are the roots of Salsa.

Salsa dancing is closely related to "dirty dancing". Salsa is normally a partner dance, although there are recognized solo forms, line dancing (suelta), and Rueda de Casino where groups of couples exchange partners in a circle. The Salsa dance moves can also be improvised or performed with a set routine.

The Rumba style of ballroom dancing is sometimes known as the Latin Waltz. The American Rumba is a variation of a slow rhythmed Cuban dance called the "Son" that was brought to the United States in the 1920s. The Rumba is danced on the spot, rather than all over the dance floor, with hip and other body movements in a slow, quick, quick beat.

The Cha Cha was originally called the Cha Cha Cha because its main tempo movement is based on a triple step. The Cha Cha style of ballroom dancing originated in the Cuban Mambo and became popular in the United States in the 1950s. The Cha Cha triple step is danced in between two rock beat movements. This dance form is perhaps the most popular ballroom dance style in the world today.

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The Modern Waltz style of ballroom dancing comes from the Austria Waltzen styles of ballroom dancing popular in Austria and Germany in the early 1900s. The Boston Waltz became popular in the United States in 1834 and is a slower version of the Viennese Waltz.

Today, the Waltz still remains as a slow type of ballroom dancing and the slower tempo has allowed the Waltz to have more figures, dips and steps added to it.

The Foxtrot is a type of ballroom dancing choreographed by Harry Fox in 1914 in New York City. The Foxtrot involves moving the back leg in a smooth action, although there are many versions of the Foxtrot.

The original Foxtrot was faster and not as smooth and stylish as some of the variations danced today. However, the faster Foxtrot style of ballroom dancing is still taught in many modern ballroom dancing studios and danced in many modern ballrooms.

The early tango was known as tango criollo. Today, there are many tango dance styles, including Argentine Tango, Uruguayan Tango, Ballroom tango, American and International tango styles, Finnish tango and vintage tangos.

What many tango dancers consider to be the authentic tango is that closest to that originally danced in Argentina and Uruguay although other forms of tango have developed into more mature dances in their own right.

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The Jive is a dance style in 4/4 tempo that was originated in the United States from African-Americans in the early 1940s. It is a lively and uninhibited variation of the Jitterbug, a form of Swing dance.

Jive is one of the five International Latin dances. In competition it is danced at a speed of 44 bars per minute, although in other cases this is reduced to between 32 and 40 bars per minute.

Many of the jive's basic patterns are similar to these of the East Coast Swing with the major difference of highly syncopated rhythm of the Triple Steps (Chasses), which use straight eighths in ECS and hard swing in Jive. That is why the jive is closely related to lindy hop and jitterbug ballroom dance form.

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Many people think that taking one on one dancing lesson with a celebrity dancing coach is an expensive affair. Yes, it is if your dance teacher is to show up at your home to teach you how to dance.

The alternative is to sign up for some dancing instructions at some social dance club usually conducted by some mediocre dancing teachers and you learn how to become an equally mediocre dancer.

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So now, not only can you learn how to dance lessons from the best, when your friends ask you how did you become such a good dancer, you can tell them that you take dancing lessons amd dance instructions from Louis Van Amstel himself and watch them gasp in amazement. Click this link to watch video clip of Learning How To Dance Like The Stars With Coach Louis.






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