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Choose A Digital Or Upright Piano?

How to choose a piano

With the advancement of technology, digital pianos can now perform many functions which a traditional upright or grand piano cannot. So which is a better piano to buy when you want to learn how to play the piano?

There so many conflicting and confusing advices floating around the internet regarding this subject and so as not to add more confusion, this article will dwell on the facts and you can make the final decision of choosing either the digital or the upright piano.

Digital Piano

Contrary to what many people think, digital pianos nowadays can sound and feel very much like an upright piano depending on the model you choose. The pioneering models were rather awkward with the keys far too light, sound were incredulously bright and jarring to the ears. Those early digital pianos sound nowhere like real pianos.

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The early designs were also awful looking and look nothing like a real acoustic piano. They came in ugly black plastic looking cases that can hardly blend with the furnishings of a room. However, things have come a long way since then.

Upright Acoustic Piano

Cristofori, an Italian was the guy who invented the first upright piano in 1709. The first original instrument had only four octaves way back then. A typical standard upright piano today have seven and a quarter octaves.

The original piano was invented so as to control the dynamics of the sound by touch, which could not be done on the harpsichord, which was the "piano" of those days.

You may be surprised by some of the shapes of the early pianos. For example, the one invented by Cristofori was winged shaped not unlike grand pianos. There were also square shaped pianos with strings running from left to right just like in a clavichord. Talking about ingenuity.

The upright acoustic pianos as we know today only came into being around the 1800s. A good upright acoustic piano will produce a nice warm tone because it is made from quality materials.

The seasoned soundboard is able to produce a pleasant resonant and sustaining tone. This instrument is rather hardy and if kept well maintained, it can even last a lifetime.

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However, many modern day pianos may not be as elegant and of high quality as they are mass produced in countries like the Philippines, China or South Korea. To keep costs down, cheaper materials are being used and quality compromised. Then again, this is the reason why more people can afford to buy them, right?

Piano Comparison

So what are the advantages of digital pianos? Well, for starters, if you are shy about your piano playing skills or not to disturb others, you can play it with your earphones on or you can adjust the sound volume. You can also do a recording of your music on the instrument, disc etc.

Then you can also sample the many different types of sounds programed in the digital piano as well has having accompaniments of other instruments such as the guitar or drums.

Since this is an electronic device, you will never need to having it tuned and because of its relatively light weight, you can bring it almost anywhere. Price is another attractive factor as most digital electronic pianos are priced much cheaper than their acoustic counterparts.

However, the value of this instrument depreciates real fast because as new models are produced, the prices of older models will plummet rapidly. This is in contrast to the upright piano as it can even actually appreciate in value if is well maintained.

The acoustic upright piano produces natural acoustic sounds when the hammer strikes the strings and then is amplified by the soundboard. This is where the performing pianist can display good playing skills coloring the tones with his deft touches.

As this instrument is made from solid wood, it therefore can have a long very lifespan. Furthermore, when there is a problem with the piano, it can normally be fixed by a piano tuner fairly quickly.

However, the upright piano is very heavy and you can't lug it around just like what you can do with the digital ones. There are also the costs of having to maintain and tune it regularly.  Another encumbrance is that the upright acoustic pianos take up a lot of space, especially so for the grand pianos.

Armed with these facts, you can then decide and choose whether the digital piano or acoustic piano is compatible to your needs and requirements. So click here start playing your piano now!


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