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How To Master Singing Breath Control

Good breathing techniques for singers

Good breathing technique is vital for voice control when singing. Singers will never be able to sing powerfully, sustain tone gracefully and sing emotionally without mastering proper breath control.

When you are taking a breath for singing, breathe from the bottom of your lungs up. When you develop good breathing habits for singing, you will be able to feel the breath all around your lower abdomen, not just the front.

Your chest and shoulders may begin to lift as you take in your singing breath but do not let them lift or else the singing voice will sound strained and tensed. This article will explain the benefits of good breath control singing techniques.

Singing From Diaphragm

You will be frustrated with your singing effort if shallow breathing is your breath control foundation. Shallow breathing is air stored on your upper lungs where your throat and the upper chest meet.

Correct and good singing breathing technique begins with the diaphragm and also the breath support muscles. This is the reason why people are told to sing from the diaphragm.

The key to correct use of diaphragm and breath support muscles is the expansion of your lower abdomen when taking in your singing breath. You have to exercise and develop this technique until it comes naturally to you as a breathing habit even when you are breathing normally when not singing.

As you are practicing your singing breath control technique, do take notice of how much noise you make when you draw your breath. This is because many singers believe that a noisy breath is a deep breath which is not true.

When you breathe, take sips of air and not in gulps. Silent breathing should be the aim of a good breathing habit. Again, practice silent breathing until it becomes your natural singing habit.

Noisy breathing is usually caused by a throat that is constricted and it is an indication of shallow breathing contrary to what many singers think.

If you are afraid to expand your tummy when you are taking in your singing breath fearing the fat tummy look, this will lead to tension in your abdomen and your diaphragm with its breath support muscles will not be working at its optimum potential. Most singers are not even aware that they are holding all these tensions.

One of the most important lessons to good singing technique is to relax so as to achieve the 'floating voice' quality. With so much tension in the singing support muscles, the relaxed floating voice will be difficult if not impossible to achieve.

This tension is probably the result of years of stomach in chest out posture inculcated since young. At this point, let's perform a vocal exercise to correct bad breathing habits.


Vocal Exercise For Good Breath Control

Start with taking a few quiet breaths. As you breathe in, expand your lower abdominals all around including the sides and the lower back. Make a mental note on how a quiet breath feels like.

Now release the air steadily and sing 'Ahhh' as you release the air with your tummy going back to its original position. Did you notice that the sound quality you produced is steadier and has a floating tone to it?

It must be emphatically emphasized that the amount of air required for good singing is very little. Therefore, a proper amount of air attached to a note should be just adequate, nothing more, nothing less.

Mastering and internalizing this singing breathing technique will get you on your way to becoming a great singer. Want to learn how to sing like a professional singer? Check out more singing lessons here.


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