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Breath Control When Singing

Singing Breath

Running Out Of Breath When Singing?

How to use good breath control so as not to lose your breath whilst singing?

This is a wonderful question not because no one else asked about it, but it is because a lot of people are asking this question everyday. If you are reading this article, you are probably asking the same question by typing into your search box the words "breath control", didn't you?

I would say that when a singer has the thought..."I need to get some help with my voice."  Their very next thought very often would be needing someone to help him/her learn to breathe correctly when singing.

This is because it is what we have always heard from people who are supposed to be "in the know" about voice instruction talking about it. However, let me say again. You Do Know How To Breathe Or You Would Be Dead Already and won't be reading this breath control article.

Seriously, let us take a closer look closer at the question...AHA! The question have something more specific about breath control. It is how to "not lose breath whilst singing..."

The good news is that the answer to this question is not so complicated. Let me simplify how you think of breathing. You are just filling 2 sacks (your lungs) with air and then squeezing them out over your vocal cords. Well, it is more than that.

Breathing with diaphragm


Are you letting your tummy move out of the way of the bottom of the sacks?  If not, you won't start with enough air to get you through a number of notes without having to breathe in again.

You can check this very simply. Just breathe in a nice, deep breath and picture yourself breathing that breath into your stomach. If you do that, your stomach will move outward, out of the way.

Congratulations, you just breathed the exact way you need to for singing, or what people normally will say, breathing from the diaphragm. There are some singing teachers who think my approach is kind of flippant, but let me assure you that it is not. It is just that I believe that studying breathing first is out of step.

We teach you to let your VOCAL CORDS to be the controller of the air supply, allowing what it needs to pass and in the meantime breathing normally.

There are dozens of philosophies on breathing techniques like do you "let" the air out, do you "hold" the air back, do you "push" the air out, etc?  The most common problem with running out of breath when singing has little to do with breathing!  I ain’t kidding you!

That problem has to do with allowing too much air to escape while you are emptying your lungs. If your vocal cords are coming together with a nice firm seal, it takes VERY little air to sing a strong and firm tone!

However, if you are singing into falsetto or if you have not found your chest voice at all (some women actually have this problem), you will be letting excess air escape while you are singing and you will be running out of breath much sooner than you wish to. So use the correct method of breath control when you sing and you will never get breathless again.


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Happy Singing!


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