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What Are The Types Of Guitars

The difference between acoustic, classical and electric guitars

The guitar is a musical instrument with strings which vibrate and resonate within its body thereby producing sound. It is perhaps the most common musical instrument because it is fairly easy to learn and can be carried around making it very convenient.

There are many types of guitar for different guitar playing styles and sound. However, types of guitars are  generally classified as follows:-


Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is commonly used for country and folk music, as well as for blues and certain styles of rock music. It is also popular as a socializing musical instrument for parties and communal gatherings.

 The acoustic guitar has a hollow wooden body with a round opening in the center so that when the strings are strummed, plucked or picked, the sound vibration resonates throughout the body of the guitar.

The acoustic guitar usually comes with the stronger steel strings instead of nylon strings so as to produce louder and brighter sounds. Much unlike other guitars, the acoustic guitar’s body must be made from heavy woods such as maple, mahogany or spruce.  

The acoustic guitarist may also use a pick as well as the fingers, when playing acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars may be equipped with built-in electronics which can pick up the sounds and amplify it so that the sound the acoustic guitars produced is big and loud enough for it to play with bands.

 Classical Guitar

The classical guitar resembles the acoustic guitar in that it has the wooden hollow body with an opening in the center. The difference is that it has nylon instead of steel strings and therefore has less tension than the acoustic guitar with steel strings making it easier to strum or pluck without using guitar picks.  

Depending on the type of music being played on the classical guitar, whether it be flamenco strumming, classical or any other music style, the classical guitar is usually used without and amplifying electronic gadgets and therefore is usually played as a solo instrument. Sometimes, it can be played through a microphone.

Just like the acoustic guitar, the classical guitar is just as popular for social gatherings for the same reasons. 

Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is completely different in design from the acoustic and classical guitar not only in its shape and appearance. The electric guitars also have built in amplifiers to project its sound and timbre.

Furthermore, the body of the electric guitar does not function as a resonator, but instead the electric guitar uses electronic pickups to produce the required sound which are then fed to amplifiers.

That is why the electric guitar is usually used in a band instead of as a solo musical instrument. Since it has this versatility, the electric guitar can be used for many genre of music like rock, rock and roll, jazz, R&B, etc....  


The above are just three common types of guitars as there are many more types of guitars being used by various cultures and ethnic musicians. Click this link to learn how to play guitar.

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