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How To Take Care Of Your Guitar

Guitar Maintenance



As a guitarist, it is your duty to ensure that your guitar is kept in the best condition so that your instrument can continue to produce high quality sound. Good guitar care and maintenance go a long way towards adding to the life and playability of your guitar.

You may be a professional guitarist or just a beginner, but you must take care of your guitar well and make sure it is handled well to avoid serious damages.   


Tips to keep your guitar in tip top condition 

Learning how to string the guitar should be perfected by every guitarist. If you think your guitar sounds dull and your strings show obvious signs of wear or even rust, it is high time to restring the guitar. There are no hard and fast rules to follow when changing guitar strings.

Some guitarist change strings before every performances while others let them wear out before changing the strings. It depend very much on each guitarist’s preferences.. A set of guitar strings can last for anything between 1-3 months depending on how often you play the guitar and how well the guitar is being maintained.   

Tuning your guitar right is crucial for your guitar to produce the perfect sound. You can either use a tuning fork, pitch pipes to tune your guitar or you can also tune your guitar by simply using some tuning software.

The fret board is very difficult to clean properly because the strings are stretched across it and thus are obstructions to cleaning it. So best time to clean the fret board is when you are stringing your guitar next time. Don't let sweat, grime, dirt or oil from your hands build up on the frets.

A common way to clean the frets is to use a toothbrush and some soap water. A clean fret board affects the strings as well as the sound of the guitar. Performing with a clean guitar not only look professional and slick, your music will also sound good.

When tuning or stringing your guitar, you should also check that all the screws on your guitar are tightened and strap pins properly fixed. The tuning knobs should be sufficiently tightened as well. 

Get your guitar a proper guitar case. Keep your guitar in its case when not being used. Doing this will keep away moisture which can damage your guitar. Moisture can also cause the strings to rust which in turn will lower quality of sound.

You must also ensure that you protect your guitar from extremes in temperature as well since excessive heat can cause shrinkage, cracking, swelling and warping of the guitar. On the other hand, extreme cold can also be damaging to your guitar because the cold can destroy the binding of the guitar. 

The best way to take care of your guitar is by playing it often.  A guitar that is seldom played lies neglected and is not well taken care of. So enjoy playing your guitar regularly. Only by playing it that you will realize when your guitar needs to be tuned or whether it needs a new set of strings. 

Taking care of your guitar is a very important part of learning how to play it. You must be passionate not only about music but your guitar as well. You must take care of your guitar because at the end of the day, it is your music that will get affected when you play a guitar that is not well maintained. Learn Guitar Hot Tricks!



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