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Learn Guitar Fret Board


Some people suggest that you must practice away from the guitar and in your mind. Frederick Noad, in his book 'Solo Guitar Playing, suggests "mental methods" such as "Learning by Equivalent Notes", "Transfer of Position" and "Learning by Fret". You must keep memorizing the notes and positions until you know when to play the notes instinctively. 

Position-to-note and note-to-position are also mental methods. They simply mean that whenever you think of or see a position you must know exactly which notes lie there. Similarly, whenever you see or think of a note, you must know exactly where to play it on the fret board. I did say instinctively, didn't I? 

You can also design yourself some memory games or download some that are available on the internet. These games usually use memory cards, which have on them either the fret numbers, or the position, or both. You must look at each card and give the relevant information out from your memory.

Take for example, if you pick up a card which says "Fret 3", you will have to say "G C F A# D G" out loud. Mnemonics are used for all sorts of learning including playing the guitar. It is very useful in helping you learn the guitar fret board.  

Here is an example of Mnemonics - An Emu was chasing an Ape with a Drill but tripped over a Garbage can….out popped a Baby eating an Earthworm, helps you learn the open notes (and fret 12 and 24). The capitalized letters in bold are the open notes. If you are witty enough, you could come up with your own mnemonics to make your learning guitar fret board more fun. 

It is also crucial to know your 'sharps' and 'flats' very well. F sharp and G flat are the same note, isn’t it? However, when you are playing your guitar, do you remember that? You must know how it is played, both ways, equally well.

This will show that nothing can confuse you or make you hesitate while playing the guitar, because you have a thorough knowledge of the fret board.  This makes you an expert on the guitar fret board.

The fret board has mother of pearl markers strategically placed, inlaid in the wood. Usually, these markers are laid in the exact same positions on every guitar.

A standard guitar will have these markings on the third fret, the fifth and the ninth. The twelfth fret has two markers because it is exactly one octave higher than the open string.

The fifteenth fret again has a single marker. These markings are not only useful but important as well because they will help you find and play the right notes on the fret board easily.  

 Learning the guitar fret board is an extremely time consuming and tiring task.  However, once you mastered learning the guitar fret board, you are on your way to becoming a great guitarist. This is because most guitarists do not master the fret board and your guitar playing skills will be ahead of them.

Motivate yourself by learning one fret a time and set a realistic date when you will know every single note on the fret board and play everyone of them naturally. Simply mastering the guitar fret board will make you a much more proficient guitarist.



Be a great guitarist by mastering the guitar fret board

A guitar fret board is the flat section on the front of the neck of the guitar. You play guitar chords on the fret board. There are metal bars embedded across the board, which divide it into several parts and these are called frets.  

Yes, I know that it seems almost impossible, especially for a beginner to know every single note on every single fret, however, it is crucial learn it them if you aspire to be a great guitarist. It may be more difficult than learning piano notes but with determined effort, you can master it.


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