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Learn How To Be A Lead Singer

How to be a lead singer and front your own band

So you want to be a lead singer and front your own band? Not surprisingly, because it is every novice singer's dream to front a good band or even to front an orchestra to be its lead singer.

So how can you front a band and develop a distinctive singing style as a lead singer? Yes, your distinctive singing style is the keyword.

I mean how are you going to be different from those thousands of bands and singers doing just the cover versions and imitating their favorite bands and lead singers? There is a very fine line between a great performer and a great imitator.

Well, the first thing you can do is to watch as many DVD performances of famous singers fronting their bands from various musical genres as possible. Look how distinctive they are, each with their own natural style and song delivery.

Let's examine some of them. Take a look at Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones. Noticed how he pouts his lips and struts cockily oozing sex appeal and confidence at the same time and that became his characteristics and singing charisma.

In other words, it is branding. Fronting your band and get noticed boils down to branding. So just having a good voice and the ability to sing well will not be enough.

I am sure that if I name you some more popular lead singers, you will immediately associate with that singer mentally with a clear mental picture of that singer during a performance.

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Elvis Presley, Bono of U2, Madonna, Kate Bush, Cindy Lauper, Michael Jackson and even The Village People. See, I believe with each of these names, you will conjure up a mental pictures of the singers and how they perform.

So, to develop your own distinctive style of singing and stage performing, do watch these and other singers. How do they keep time and rhythm when they move on stage? Which action, vocal range and style during the songs which they the most crowd reactions?

How do they whip their audience into a frenzy? What are the facial expressions at each stage of the song? How do they tell an emotional story from the lyrics of the songs and get people teary eyed?

Learn and borrow some traits from these singers, and then develop them with your own unique style blended in.

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Your band and you as lead singer

Once you have developed your personal singing style, the next step is to rehearse with your band and to front your band. The band must know what you want. When you want to bring the song into a climax and when to bring it down to tug emotional strings, when to pause to create an impact...etc

The best way to do this is to be the leader. Buy some good music sheets so that the band can play together as a whole with the same music sheets and scores. If you leave them to play by ear, all the band members will interpret the songs in their own way and you would have lost a lot of time and energy to get the band to play tightly together.

This calls for the lead to work closely with your band members, particularly the keys that you are comfortable with, the music arrangements, the effect of the songs you want to portray and music instrument solos.

Once this is done and rehearsed until the band and you are inseparable components of the song, then you are there! You are now ready to front a good band as the lead singer and get noticed.

Don't know how to start and become a lead singer? Well, for starters, develop your singing voice and style at "Learn How To Sing Like A Pro".

Happy singing!

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