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So you know that many of the most popular singers and musicians in the world write some of their own songs and are very proficient at songwriting? Do you know why?

The reason is very simple really. It is because since those are their own songs and compositions, the artistes can really be emotionally charged when performing or singing the songs.

Only the composers themselves know and can portray the feelings behind those songs and perform the songs the way they are meant to be because they are the ones who wrote the songs after all, isn't it?

Singer Composer Elton John

 Elton John Singer Composer


So, you have decided that you want to write your own original songs and I believe the first and foremost question on your mind is 'Where do I start'?  or 'Should I write the melody first or the lyrics first'. This is the most common dilemma for most beginners aspiring songwriters like yourself.  

The answer to this perplexing question and is simply do whichever comes first to you. However, there are some twists to this short answer. Let's examine these songwriting tips and learn something from here. 

Now, put some thought into it. What are you better at? Lyrics or music? Which one do you find slightly easier? Are you the type to write a few lines first or the type who hums a tune in your head first? Or are you the type who creates some chords and rhythms first? Ahhhh, not as simple as you first thought, right?

 The answer is that no matter what you are better at, you should write a verse and chorus first, whether it is the tune for the verse and chorus or the lyrics for the verse and chorus. As simple as that.  

Just go ahead and and write the lyrics first verse and chorus without any melody line or put a tune to the lyrics. Simply put, don't write the tune until you are done with the lyrics for the verse and chorus.  

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Alternatively, if you write a tune or some chords for the first verse and the chorus, then get it done without thinking of any lyrics for the tune or the chords. Just get  the music out first. 

In this way, you can then go back to the song by adding the lyrics or the tune next and this will take out a lot of complication and confusion if you were write the melody and the lyrics at the same time. I am sure you have encountered the confusion in your earlier attempts at songwriting and making cumbersome corrections all the time didn't you?  

The important thing about songwriting is to start writing, but one sequence at a time. It does not matter which sequence first.

Now that  you have learnt how to start writing songs, the next step to your songwriting career is to get your ultimate guide to writing and selling your songs and who knows, your original songs may be picked up by  celebrated singers and catapult you to become a prolific songwriter composer! Hope you have enjoyed this songwriting tips article.



Best Wishes

Chris Chew

Music Editor



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